August 27, 2015

What is a “Rain Chain”

What is a “Rain Chain” Anyway?

If you want to add that special touch to the outside of your home or your garden, then Rain Chains are an excellent option for you. But what is a rain chain anyway? What is it and what does that mean?

These are all excellent questions and you will be quite pleased with the answers.

A rain chain is a decorative item that you can use to replace the downspout that caries rain water from your gutter to the ground. What it does is it funnels rainwater down to your ceramic bowl or your decorative rain barrel. As for what they look like, they are chain links that consist of decorative cups or trinkets that catch the rain.

Furthermore, as the rain runs down the links and the cups, you will find that there is quite the melodious sound that results. This adds a bit of song to your garden, if you will.

What are they made of?

Rain chains are normally made of copper. A copper rain chain will naturally develop a green patina over time. This is due to the rain and the elements. This patina is coppers natural defense against corrosion and will help to make the copper last a very long time.

As for how it works, the function is rather simple. They replace the pipes that are attached to your rain gutters. They simply allow the rainwater to travel down the chain and through the cups that reside on the chain. This results in a sound that you can literally sit back and enjoy. You can place a ceramic bowl or something else that can be used to catch the rainwater.

Rain chains and Feng Shui

If you are familiar with Feng Shui, then you know that a copper rain chain can help improve the flow of energy and can improve a person’s chi. This has to do with the melodious sound that results when rain runs down the rain chain. It definitely doesn’t hurt to have positive energy flowing around. As human beings, we can take every bit of positive energy that we can get and that’s what rain chains do for people.

Visual advantages

Rain chains also get rid of that boring aluminum piping that resides on your house. In other words, a copper rain chain can be a bit more appealing. You also have to look at the fact that rain chains do not become clogged like pipe systems do. All you have to do is hang the rain chain from the hole where the spout was formally located and let the water flow. You just might find yourself sitting on your porch or under a shelter on your property so that you can enjoy the essence of your rain chain.